My name is Casey Marte

If you are looking for a veteran for the administration of your business needs; look no further than one who has over a decade of experience in various niches, has a working knowledge of multiple platforms, is easily adaptable and willing to learn, as well as laser-focused and dedicated to the success of your business.

About Me – CV

My Story/Cover Letter

I have worked as a Freelancer for over a decade; primarily as a Virtual Assistant, Project Manager and Bank/Title Closer.

I began my career as a Bank Attorney Paralegal at a Settlement Agency (as referenced below), who  covered all of the pre-close processing tasks involved in Title-Clearance and Closing Requirements in preparation for closing. I later went on to develop my own service (NY Mobile  Notary) and have closed thousands of Purchase Loans, Equity, Reverse, Refinance, Consolidation loans and more. Customer Service and Client Care are my motivated, driving forces.

As a Virtual Assistant and Project Manager with a 5 Star rating, I have assisted countless of clients in structuring, developing, growing and maintaining projects in various specialties and sectors. I have assisted and cultivated business interests from basic office structure and web presence, to the more detailed and developmental stages including recruiting, creating management structure, managing projects and social media as well as all administrative functions. I am well versed in all cloud platforms as well as administrative software and programming.

My number one priority is to do good, diligent and reliable work. My day begins with meditation and positive energy with which I like to infect my work. I have a can-do attitude and always represent your business in a positive and helpful light with the full knowledge that I am an extension of you and your business.

There is no task too big or too small and no question or request that you or your clients cannot ask. I am open, honest and will work to contribute a high-standard of professionalism to all of your tasks and projects.  I welcome any opportunity that you deem me fit for and look forward to building and cultivating my network.

With my portfolio and resume of experience, I would be an asset on any team. I look forward to helping your business grow.



My Experience

Law Offices
Title Companies
Settlement Agents
Private Sector
Corporate Sector


MS Word
Copy Editing
Word Perfect
Cloud Software
Lexis Nexis/Westlaw
Legal Suite
Draft Libraries



Virtual Assistant
Project Management
Social Media Management
SEO & Content Marketing
Web Design


Cloud Softwares/Platforms

Square Space
Smart Sheet
Google Apps


Crowd Content
Bling Jewelry
The Fixer Group
Flying Colors Apparel
Yalcin Law Office
Linx Realty Group
Victor Piacente, Law Office
Entrepreneurs Living Wealthy Podcast
MBAG Podcast
Keyword Marketing Pro
Steven Kassels M.D. (Author/Physician)
Pietro Place
London Lace
Conscious Fork
Race Brook Lodge
Alembic Coaching
&Co Music
Xtreme Mixx Radio
Tidy Huts
Charm Luxe
and more


A Birdseye View - Experience - Clients and Projects


The Content Pro's

September 2011 – Present

Roles/Projects: Project Manager, Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, Writer, Blogger and Web Design.

Handle a variety of tasks for a well-rounded group of multifaceted clients, within various niches.

- Project Management from soup to nuts & maintainin productivity
- Communication and Liaise with Clients and Freelancer's
- Create presentations and cultivate design and content as needed
- Editing & Formatting MS Office/Excel Docs
- Updating Project Management Software/Platforms
- Team interaction and support including but not limited to, IT Support, Researchers, Developers, Admins, etc.
- Calling & Emailing Vendors/Providers
- Posting on Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Hootsuite, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, etc.
- Basic HTML/Programming for WordPress websites of the contracts clients
- Manage, create and curate for Google + as well as report on Analytics
- Blog Quality Control/Content Formatting and graphic design as needed.


Bling Jewelry

January 2016 - August 2016 (Short-Term/Remote)

Social Media Management/Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management and Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn Management, content creation and curation.

Tasks: Content Management/Hootsuite/Sendible/Photoshop/Original Blog Posts/Content Curration

Crowd Content

Freelance Writer

Blog Content
Website Content
Article Writing
Report Writing
Item Descriptions
SEO Optimize Articles

Linx Realty/Myrtle Beach Advice Givers Podcast

(Dual Business/Dual Roles)

Virtual Assistant

Misc/Personal: Google Docs/MS Word/Excel/Newsletter
Real Estate Brokerage: Follow-up calls/emails, Gather/Send Compliance Docs, Track file through closing and post-closing.


Solicit Guests for show and follow-up with them via telephone and email, Edit Podcast, Go Live with Podcast on Libsyn/Wordpress/Itunes and update to Facebook. Small-scale web work.

All Marketing Experts/MD Marketing Experts

March 2015 - May 2015 (Short-Term/Remote)

Virtual Assistant/Web development

Virtual Assistance liaising with contractors overseas for integration and implementation of Medical Website development and design as well as Marketing projects. In addition, this contract required me to edit code on existing medical niche websites for the contracts clients.


March 2015 - July 2015 (Short-Term/Remote)

Social Media Manager and Marketer

I worked on various campaigns and two Gofundme projects for this contract as well as handled those projects short-term Social Media accounts and Social Media Marketing for their duration. In addition, I procured interviews for their clients in order to spread awareness of the individual brands messaging.

Opal Advising

Virtual Assistant/Project Management

- Managing Projects/Maintaining Productivity
- Email Communications with Clients and Freelancer's
- Editing & Formatting MS Office/Excel Docs (Market Research, Marketing, Testing)
- Updating Project Management Software/Platform
- Teaming up with other team members,i.e, IT Support, Researchers, Developers, Admins, etc.
- Calling & Emailing Vendors/Providers
- Posting on Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Hootsuite, etc.
- Basic HTML/Programming for WordPress websites of the contracts clients
- Google + Page Creation/Analytics
- Presentations (Design/Content when necessary)
- Blog Quality Control/Content Formatting

Other various needs as they became necessary for a group of diverse clients, within various industries in: Hospitality, Wellness, Travel, High End Retail, Green Building, etc.

Entrepreneurs Living Wealthy Podcast

This was a Podcast that was created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs! The podcast featured 3-4 interviews per week with Entrepreneurs from all industries and all walks of life, sharing real-life stories, insights into success and models for getting the most out of life while running an enterprise. I handled the Social Media Management and Marketing for this contract as well as procured interviewees for the podcast shows. In addition, I made changes as necessary to the design of the ELW WordPress website as well as integrated forms.

Riccardo Colli US

Ecommerce Shopify Store, Web Design & Social Media Accounts 

Created an ecommerce store on the Shopify Platform, Web Design and all Social Media Accounts for Riccardo Colli US Distributor/Retailer. App Integration, Liquid, Modifications, email set-up, etc.

DFA Publishing

Virtual Assistant

Microsoft Excel - Spreadsheets
Google Docs
Zoho Project Management Platform
Asana Project Task Management
Created/Recorded: Asana Platform Tutorial

Keyword Marketing Pro

 Digital/Virtual Research

- Niche related research
- Forum Content - Testing
- Find active and niche related forums for a specific website
- Register accounts on the forums
- Create a test thread + link and hit 'preview' to see if you are allowed to post with a new account

Totty Music

Article Spinning for a retail shopping website

El Sayed - Affilo Guide

Article Writing 

In depth review of email marketing program and software "The Machine" by Ryan Deiss

References and Next Steps...

If you are interested in learning more about me or working and/or consulting with me, please feel free to contact me. Should you need contact information for any of my references or clients listed, please contact me for their full contact information.

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